Bali Wedding Video

Our company has been offering Bali wedding videos for over 7 years and we have been known to create candid and entertaining video documentations for clients from around the world. All our videos are filmed and edited in true High Definition.

A Bali wedding video goes beyond what photography can do as it captures also sounds and scenes happening during your wedding in Bali. Our services are known to be unobtrusive and we offer Bali wedding video documentations with either one or two camera men.  All our camera men use professional High Definition video cameras and have been doing in excess of 300 wedding videos in Bali. For evening and night documentations we come with lighting equipment.

Let us create a Bali wedding video for you, which you will cherish for a life-time and proudly show to friends and family.

We can also put your Bali wedding video online so that you can easily share it with friends and family around the world. In the following please find some examples of our recent Bali video works.


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