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Agus, our most Senior photographer was born in East Java. After graduating from High School he was drawn to Bali and he moved here and started his studies at Bali’s reputable Udayana university where he graduated in 1997. After finishing his studies he made decided that he wanted to pursue his passion and hobby of photography. He attended several courses and seminars and in 2002 he finally made photography his profession.  In 2005 he broadened his skills further and started to do wedding videography in Bali as well. He worked for several companies in Bali where he could gain valuable experience in wedding and pre-wedding photography. In 2006 he joined WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BALI and he has been our chief photographer ever since.  Agus has photographed several hundred weddings , has a good command of English and a great eye for details. He is a keen observer which makes his an outstanding wedding photo journalist and one of Bali’s best local photographers.  He is married.



Rudy has been a photographer and videographer in Bali for over 5 years. He joined our company 3 years ago. He stems from Bali’s neighboring island of Java.  Our company’s founder had seen his photographic work and was so impressed with his skill that he chased Rudy down and invited him to work  for our company: WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BALI. Over the years he has photographed many weddings and has also proven himself as a distinguished wedding videographer in Bali.

Rudy had already developed a keen interest in photography at an early age when he began to experiment with his father’s camera. In the late 90ies when digital photography became popular he bought himself his first camera and was instantaneously ‘hooked’.

Rudy is a rather quiet person and usually remains in the background thus making his working style rather unobtrusive. His ability to capture the defining moments of a wedding have won him great acclaim among our clients.



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