It was a great pleasure to photograph this Chinese abroad wedding in Bali. Increasingly Chinese couples are getting married in Bali – hardly surprising considering Bali’s position as the prime destination for international weddings. Chinese like to be practical and this lovely couple was no exception. They wanted to combine pre-wedding photos and a wedding. So they kept us busy with their Chinese abroad wedding in Bali for 2 days. On the first day we embarked on a Bali pre wedding photo tour in some exciting and beautiful locations. Whereas on the 2nd day we still did Bali pre-wedding photography for half a day and in the afternoon their Chinese abroad wedding in Bali. The wedding was held in private romantic cliff top location villa. Chinese couples like to costumes and so they were very happy to find that we also offer a great collection of wedding gowns, traditional Balinese dresses and other costumes. We worked as a big team of 2 Bali wedding photographers and 3 wedding video crew. Combing in all this was very cost effective for our client and allowed them to work within a tight budget.

The makeup & hair styling for this Chinese abroad wedding in Bali was done by Bali’s best makeup artist: BALI MAKEUP & HAIR. We also produced a stunning pre-wedding clip for this couple. Please see this BALI PRE WEDDING VIDEO CLIP.

It were two very exhausting days for our team but highly rewarding for everyone. In the following you can see the documentation of this Chinese abroad wedding in Bali.


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